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20 years of industry experience & passion for new technology

Our company has existed in Munich for over 22 years and was founded in 1997. As a manufacturer of virtual reality simulators, we are a strong and reliable partner of the trade, trade, industry, media and event industry with the consulting, rental and sale of event modules, simulators & virtual reality products.

We at Simulatorbase.de help you make events, promotional tours and events successful. Our goal is to make you successful. It doesn’t matter if you want to present yourself perfectly at home or abroad. Our size is your advantage: you only need one contact person.

The perfect offer for your requirements - from one source!

For every event you will find the right module or the right virtual reality simulator. Here we focus on the international distribution of virtual reality simulators. As a manufacturer of virtual reality simulators, we manufacture simulators, virtual reality systems according to your wishes and ideas and provide you with the perfect eye-catcher for your event at events or trade fairs worldwide.

The quality of our partners has combined us for years with the certainty of being able to offer our customers high-quality event modules and virtual reality simulators. Entertainment is a top priority for us.

For your customers? An unforgettable experience without age limits!

Interactive virtual reality simulatiors increase customer frequency at events and trade fairs. Virtual reality simulators not only serve as eye-catchers, but also highlight your brand or product. Simulations, games, motion rides or intensive product research that everyone can experience in a playful way – without age limits.

The Eye-Catcher
for your event!

We offer a wide range of experience simulation, 3D presentation or motion simulators among others 3D & Virtual Walkthrough, Real Life, Visual Simulations, Interactivity for Trade Fair, Events, Training, Presentation or just for fun!

A selection of simulators and eye-catchers that leave nothing to be desired. We are happy to advise you free of charge.

Full competence - One contact person

With SIMULATORBASE you get the necessary professional support for your VR projects & simulators!

Free consultation - according to your requirements

Our team advises you from the conception & planning - up to the finished assembly and the first test experiences!

Lift your brand & your product

Our simulators & VR projects are THE EYECATCHER at every event, event or trade fair worldwide.


The highlights at a glance

GYRO VR Virtual Reality Simulators for an almost realistic virtual reality experience. Already used with enthusiasm at hundreds of trade fairs!

The bobsledder trains with a Monobob Virtual Reality Simulator on the World Cup and World Champion track and drives the 1,200 meter long ice channel at Königssee over about 60 seconds with a track speed of approx. 120 km/h.

Media technology and various virtual reality simulators have been inspiring our customers and customers for decades.

Unser Medientechnik Sortiment entdecken und Ihr Event spannender gestalten
Wir bieten verschiedenste VR Simulatoren für erfolgreiche Events und Messen

Best quality and strong partners

The quality of our partners connects us for years with the certainty to be able to offer our customers high-quality event modules and simulators. Industrial quality is our standard!

Simulators for top athletes

Various World Cup bobsleigh riders are now training with a monobobob on the World Cup and World Champion course and ride & improve the 1,200 meter long ice channel in our simulators!

Over 20 years of experience in the industry

Founded in Munich in 1997. As a manufacturer of simulators we are a strong and well-known partner with the consulting & the sale of event modules, simulators & virtual reality products!




Thanks to the MotionBase which is located under the seat, vehicle movements are passed on 1 to 1 to the player or driver. Racing on a console has never been so realistic.

200% gaming experience with Motion Base

Drift games are extra fun with our Virtual Reality Simulator because of the MotionBase and the manual gearshift! It provides an absolutely realistic driving experience.

Get started right away with Plug & PLAY - FOR consoles & PC

Our Gaming Simulator is compatible with almost every racing game on the PC market!

Unser Gaming Simulator glänzt durch beste Qualität und ist ein sehr beliebter Racing Simulator
Plug and Play Racing Simulator kompatibel mit Xbox, PC und Playstation

Experience yourself?

Information about compatible games & the incomparable gaming experience with our RACING Simulator!



The Virtual Reality Simulator, simulates the movements of a gyroscope and offers 4 degrees of freedom (Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Up/Down) to double the influence of gravity and experience VR content like never before.

The customer magnet at trade fairs and events!

The GYRO-VR Virtual Reality Simulator has already been used successfully at several international trade fairs and has amazed customers worldwide - long queues are inevitable!

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  • Platzbedarf:
    approx. 4.5 meters
  • Weight:
    3.5 tons
  • Production time:
    3-4 months
  • Platzbedarf: approx. 4.5 meters
  • Weight: 3.5 tons
  • Production time: 3-4 months

4 degrees of freedom

Pitch, Yam, Roll, Up/Down